Thursday, 30 July 2009

What's on your craftspace???

Ok, so yesterday I had a giggle at a blogging buddy who commented on the state of her craft desk! And, challenged with taking a picture of mine, I went for it and dug out my camera!! Believe it or not, this actually spreads to the computer chair to the right of the photo and to the computer desk and the floor too!! I am not that tidy!!! So, come on, show us your craft space!!!


  1. Ah matey,your desk looks like a work in progress..amongst thoe that WOYWW on a fairly regular basis, my desk is always by far the most criminal in terms of untidy! I can make out pink die cutting...and ooh, what's in the book? We do this WOYWW every Wednesday, visit my blog for a buton if you like!!

  2. Nice to see I'm not on my own in the messy stakes. No matter how many times I tidy up it always ends up back in a mess lol!!.
    Sharon x