Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Not a card but a jumper!!

Well, this is what I was doing with my time when my mojo upped and went for cards last summer!

I made this cardigan having not knitted in years, or done any cabling for that matter! When it was complete, however, I found that it was a little on the tight side, so, I emailed here and the lovely Aneeta gave me a hint of what I could do about it, and it worked a treat! This isn't a great photo, but, she did make me knitter of the month in september so you can see a pic on her website! I am now enjoying getting into crochet thanks to the wonderful blog I am following at Attic 24 with the lovely Lucy! Her blog is amazing, and her life is so filled with colour, it is inspiring! Take a peek! the picture shows my attempt at a crochet bag which is on Lucy's blog, - it is a work in progress!!

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